13 May 2011

Cheap & Chic Centerpiece

This week, I was asked to create a centerpiece for an upcoming  bridal shower.  The party needed to be done a budget, so my goal to was create a focal point that was high impact, yet cheap.  I automatically thought of pom poms.  However, I wanted to put a new twist on the whole idea.  Here's what I came up with:

What You'll Need To Create This Project:

Clay Pots:  $.89 & $1.29 - Walmart
Spray Paint:  $.97 - Walmart
Floral Foam: $3.99 (6 pack) - Michaels
Bamboo:  3.99  (sold in bundle) - Michaels
Spanish Moss:  $3.49 (large bag) - Pat Catan's/Michaels
White Cardstock:  $4.49 (70 sheets)  - Amazon/Walmart
Decorative Ribbon: $1.79 -  Walmart
Tissue Paper:  $1.00 (9 pack) - Walmart
Floral Wire, White:  $1.00 (small pack) - Walmart
Floral Leaves:  $1.00 - Dollar Tree
Glue Gun:  Under $5.00 - Walmart/Dollar Store
Extra Glue:  $3.59 (large pack) - Walmart
(Scissors optional)

If you break it down, the "estimated" total cost for this entire project is around $20.00.  And, if you already have some of these items on hand it's even cheaper, not to shabby!

* * * * *


First, I created my pom poms (if your not sure how to create one, this video is a fantastic guide).  I made various shapes and sizes (my blue poms had pointed edges, while my fuchsia poms had round) for visual interest.

In between time I spray painted my clay pots, white (making pom poms is a very tedious task, sometimes you just need a break).  Once dry, I decided to distress my pots for more of a shabby chic feel.

Next, I attached my pom pom to a bamboo stick using super glue (if you open your pom slightly, you'll notice that the tissue creates pockets, the perfect place to house glue).   I also attached my hydrangea leaves at this time (these were left-overs from my various wreath projects).

I then cut my floral foam down to size (note, I only used one block for the entire project) and placed it in my clay pot. I add a little more glue inside for stability. I then inserted my pom pom "flower" creation.

Once my pom creation was in place, I thought it was lacking pizzazz.  So, I added ribbon to the clay pot along with a personalized tag (I know, it probably would of been easier to do this step in the begin, but this project was very spur of the moment so I was coming up with ideas as I went).

And, lastly I added the spanish moss!

Close-up on clay pot.  I like how the distressing gave it a blue-grey appearance.

The middle arrangement (featured above) was huge!  It was actually taller then my kitchen island, now that's making a statement (smiles)!  But after looking at it, I thought it was missing something, it seemed bare.  So I added a little more ribbon to complete the look. 

I made extra pom poms to place randomly on the table.

And, Viola the completed look!

I love the whimsical look of this tablescape!

What's great about this centerpiece is it's perfect for an occasion! And, it looks fantastic placed together or separate!

 I would love to do a sunflower themed party; yellow pom pom flowers and dangling brown ribbon would be darling!

Have any Pom Pom projects?  I would love to see them!

Thank you so much for visiting!

Warm Wishes,

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  1. This is the cutest idea I have seen in a while! Just precious!!! :-)

  2. I love it!! What a great way to decorate on a tight budget. :)

  3. I love these! Hydrangeas are one of my favorite flowers. I may have to make some of these!

  4. I love these! Really cute, and really look like they fill a room! I will try this for my next party, thanks for the post!

  5. I think this is great! I am having an Alice in Wonderland Tea party Bridal shower and I was thinking about having them hang the pom's from the ceiling but I like this idea much better! Thanks for sharing!

  6. Stunning! A fabulous display on a limited budget; genius.

    I will be starting a new feature on my blog shortly, where I will be linking up some of my favourite projects. I hope you will consider allowing me to feature this?

    I am your newest follower :)

  7. SO cute, and fun, love it!


  8. Those pom pom topiaries make me flat out happy! Beautiful! Thanks so much for stopping by head above water!

  9. Wonderful! These look fantastic, I can't wait to give them a try! ~Jen @ www.icantstopcrafting.blogspot.com

  10. Gorgeous. What a creative idea that you made look so fabulous. I really love this and will definitely be borrowing this idea. :)

  11. Pom Poms are all the rage these days....this is a fresh take on them and I love that youput it all together for $20, fabulous! Visiting from The DIY show-off.

  12. Anonymous5/15/2011

    Love the leaves on these! Thanks so much for linking up!

  13. I love this! Great job and thank you for sharing!

  14. Super cute! I love pom-poms! I'm your neighbor @ between Naps on the Porch and I submitted a post on spray painting pom-poms. :)

  15. Very pretty! Those colors are lovely together.

  16. brilliant my dear! thanks so much for partying with whipperberry!!

  17. Thanks again Jodie. The post is live.

  18. Anonymous5/16/2011

    I LOVE these! I want to make them just for my table :o)

  19. I absolutely love your idea! The centerpiece looks wonderful! I really think I need to make some of these for an old can that I have...think they would look great. Thank you for sharing!

  20. Love your twist on pom poms, so elegant!

  21. These are so cute, great project!!

  22. These are just darling!

  23. I just love these. I have been planning on doing a mini version of these for a ladies banquet we are having :)

  24. These are so beautiful and elegant. I've been looking for a pom pom project for my daughter's baptism reception and this is it!!

  25. These are just gorgeous! I am gaga for pom poms but never thought to do this with them! So well done.

  26. Hi Jodi! Your centerpieces are simply fabulous! Fantastic job and I love how big they are...very pretty. Thanks so much for linking to the Sunday Showcase Party - I greatly appreciate it. I have featured this today. Enjoy the rest of your week ~ Stephanie Lynn

  27. This is such a great idea and so charming! I love this- sharing at tonights party- thanks for sharing at FNF :)

  28. Oh Jodie~

    These are simply adorable & chic. Thanks bunches for linking to my K.I.S.S. blog bash last week. Looking forward to seeing what you link up this coming Sunday. :)


    Drop By The Tattered Tag

  29. Lovely!! It is truly lovely. I'm sure your shower was a HUGE success :)

  30. Sooo pretty! Featured you @ this weeks linky party! xoxo

  31. These are great! I'm collecting ideas for decoration my booth for my first craft show and I think something like this would be perfect! Thanks for sharing!

  32. Jodi, this is so gorgeous!!!

  33. These are fabulous! I love them. In fact, I'm saving them to my centerpiece file on Pinterest. (It'll link right back to you.) Thanks for sharing!

  34. Cute cute cute! I too am pinning this - adorable! Thanks for sharing a great spin on the traditional pom.

    -MJ @ MD School Mrs

  35. Absolutely adorable! Thank you so much for such great instructions. Your newest follower!

  36. WOW WOW WOW!!!!!! thank you so much for this instructions!!!!

  37. Wow! This is so cute and lovely DIY. I can even put this on my bedroom, eh. Adorable and easy too. :)

    Cathy@medical scrubs uniforms

  38. I love the colors of the flurry things.


  39. These are beautiful, going to to try to make them for my son's baptism. Does anyone know what size pots I should buy?

    1. Hi Cindy,

      Thanks so much for the sweet comment; I'm so glad you stopped by! To answer your question, I used 6" terra cotta pots for the large centerpieces and 4" pots for the small centerpieces. I found the clay pots at Wal-Mart & I paid $.89 for the 4" & $1.29 for 6". I hope this helps. If you have any other questions, please feel free to contact me anytime;)

      Wishing you a Happy Easter,

  40. I used your tutorial and made these for the centerpiece at the bridal table for my wedding reception. They turned out much larger than I anticipated so my plans changed and they will be the focal point on the center table during the reception. They are gorgeous. Thanks for sharing this project.

  41. Gorgeous! I would really love to make these for my daughter-in-law's baby shower. Does anybody know where I can purchase the bamboo sticks?

  42. Hi Jodie. Thanks for posting this charming idea. Do you have a tutorial for your poms? I've seen many in Pinterest, however yours look fuller and well-balanced.
    Thank you.

  43. You saved me! I had not a dime left for centerpieces. I found colorful tissue paper and some left over dowels in my crafting supplies, wrapped the dowels in green tissue paper and stuck them in empty wine bottles. They are stunning! THANK YOU!!!

  44. My sibling gonna love your ideas. i am sharing this post with them.


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