02 March 2011

Welcome to the Dollhouse

Every time I gaze at this little dollhouse, it takes me back to my childhood, and the wonderful times I spent with my Great Aunt Gladys.  One of my absolute favorite things to do at her house was to take frequent trips up-stairs, to her guest room.  In this room housed a beautiful dollhouse.  This little house was amazing; it was equipped with lighting, carpeting and beautiful pieces of furniture.  Every time I looked at it, I would have a "twinkle" in my eye and a smile on my face.  As years past, certain things would remind me of this dollhouse, and in my heart I knew, one day, I would have a "little" home of my own.

 When my daughter was born, I knew having a dollhouse built was on the "top" of my to do list.  Not just any house, but a fabulous one; one that was built extremely well and could last generations. 

So, then began my search.  And to my surprise, I found the perfect dollhouse kit on Ebay.  I was also lucky enough to have a very talented family friend build it for me.

The dollhouse was my daughter's first birthday present and was the centerpiece at her party.  I was so excited to give her this special gift, an heirloom piece, one she would enjoy for the rest of her life! 

My mom always jokes, that this piece was more for myself; what's a "one" year old going to do with a dollhouse?  And maybe there is/was some truth to that, however one can never be too young or too old for a dollhouse, at least in my book!

* * * * * 

Even though I wasn't involved in the construction of this house, I was the creative director (smiles).  I picked out every "little" detail from the color scheme to the "s" hooks on the shutters.  I even had my "contractor" move a couple walls.

* * * * *

Exterior Close-up:

Interior Close-up:

The end result was perfection and I couldn't be happier.  But, the best thing of all is I get to relive childhood memories while creating new ones with my daughter!

* * * * *

Where did you get that?

Dura-Craft Bellingham Dollhouse Kit:  Ebay 
Dollhouse Furniture, including shutters and "s" hooks:  Ebay
All Dollhouse Paint:  Valspar Paint, Lowes

Other fantastic places to buy dollhouse furniture/accessories:

The interior of this dollhouse is amazing, please check it out:

* * *

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  1. Hi Jodie! Thank you for the lovely tour of your daughter's and yours enchanting doll house! I have always loved doll houses! I have one, not as fancy as yours but large and handmade in my space at the antique store. I secretly hope it doesn't sell...I would love to keep it! Have a wonderful week! Your blog is lovely and I'm going to have a little look around before I go!
    Best Wishes and Blessings,
    Amanda - One Girl in Pink

  2. I always wanted a dollhouse like this. Dreamed of it since I was so young. I have often looked at pieces of furniture in hobbie stores waiting for the perfect day to make one of my own. I haven't done it yet. :-( thank you for posting this and reminding me. This would be so fun for me and my three daughters. I love that you had this made for your daughter. She is going to love it forever. Oh and thanks for all the great links to where you got everything. Can't wait to check them out. Have a great day!!

    Trendy Treehouse

  3. Hi Jodie
    Come by and say hi - I too have a doll house....for me!
    I had one as a kid. I kept all my furniture and now I am building one. The outside took me about 5 years!!!

    We will have to keep in touch as we add on!!

    I am your latest follower!!!

  4. this is awesome!!! I had a dollhouse growing up as well and I still have it today- it truly is something that will last for generations...and that exterior is pretty much to die for..good job!!! ~*S*~

  5. What a wonderful treasure. It looks fabulous--love that kitchen!

  6. This is gorgeous! I have been wanting to build one for my daughter since I first found out I was pregnant with her. It turned out fabulous!

  7. Wow, that is so beautiful! It's like the ones you see on tv shows, I bet it is the centerpiece of her room too!

  8. What a beautiful dollhouse! It reminds me a lot of the dollhouse I had when I was little. You did a wonderful job putting it together, and it's decorated perfectly! *Becca*

  9. Oooh, I am so into doll houses! And, yes they are for me! I have a couple and am on the look out for a more. My three year old daughter shows very little interest in them. She is all about dinosaurs. Go figure.

  10. I'm just blown away with this post!! Your daughter has a treasure....and I hope she appreciates it as much as I do from your 'home tour' photos.

    My Flaunt It link: A Beautiful Girl

    Do stop by if you get a chance to visit. Happy Happy Rango Weekend.

  11. Holy crap that's amazing and wonderful and beautiful! I sometimes dream about a dollhouse like that, but my kids are too rough and would break it in 5 minutes...

  12. Your dollhouse turned out wonderfully. My mom and I decorated one together when I was in 2nd grade. This reminded me of that special time.

  13. Hi there~ This is so sweet!! I have a big old dollhouse that my dad made for me out in the cottage waiting to be loved again! I am going to have to bring it out and finally get around to fixing it up- thanks for the inspiration! Stopping by from ATPF~ nice to meet you! :)

  14. You have inspired me! I have had a dollhouse (only partially painted) in my garage for a looong time. I need to get it down and go to work! Yours is beautiful!

  15. Oh Jodie! That is just absolutely darling! Exquisitely done and so lovely. You can tell how much thought and love went into every detail and it will most certainly be an heirloom piece. For Christmas this year we gave my daughter the dollhouse (with original furniture and accessories)that my dad built for me and my sister so many years ago and we are working on sprucing it up. She loves it and I totally agree that it is a gift as much for the mommys as it is for our sweet girls! I do try and share it with her though. :-) Thank you so much for linking up this treasure to Inspiration Friday this week...we always love having you!

  16. oh wow, this is gorgeous! i would love to have one for myself....i mean my daughter! have fun :)

  17. This is the cutest dollhouse that I have ever seen!!! you thought of every detail...it is absolutely perfect!

  18. Anonymous3/06/2011

    My sister has always wanted to make a dollhouse as well, they are really beautiful! I'm sure your daughter will grow to love it just as much. :-) Thanks for linking it up!

  19. What an amazing doll house!
    Your little daughter will love it for years to come!
    It really is a beauty!
    Best wishes,

  20. OH I love your doll house!! it's gorgeous! Following you back!

  21. That is exquisite. I had a friend with a dollhouse like that growing up. Every time I went over there I had so much fun rearranging everything. Thanks for bringing back fond memories.

  22. My parents made a dollhouse for us that looked just like that, even the colors. It takes me back. Thanks for sharing it!


  23. This is sooo pretty. I love all the sweet details. Thanks for sharing it...just beautiful!

  24. Oh so sweet. I have 3 daughters and believe it or not a dollhouse sitting in the basement in it's box just waiting for someone to put some time into it. Your daughter's is absolutely lovely. You and your friend did a wonderful job.

  25. Your girls doll house is truly amazing!!! I love it.

  26. Wow, this is IMPRESSIVE to say the least. What a gem of a dollhouse! I Love the blue... and the detailing is just magnificent. Who designed your header? It is so chic!

    Hope you have a wonderful Monday!

    That Girl in Pearls

  27. This is so gorgeous you want to move right in. I had to laugh when you mentioned that you even had the contractor move a couple of walls. Very fun.

  28. This is amazing! my little ole' dollhouse is not even in the same category LOL..Beautiful!!

  29. Beautiful doll house. My little ones would love it! They are all about playing with dolls & I just took them to a Doll Show where they fell in love with minature houses like you made for your daughter. Thanks for sharing this post with us.

  30. Wow... that is beautiful!!!!

    Thank you so much for sharing this at last week's For the Kids Friday link party!


  31. This doll house is super cute.


    1. Lisa

      Thank you so much for the sweet comments! I'm so glad you stopped by!



    2. what is the color of the outside? I love the blue!


    3. what is the color of the outside? I love the blue!


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